About J and His Story

We all have fears.

Jason Chessar's program, "A Quest for Confidence" starts as a personal tale he used Magic to overcome his personal fears that resulted from a hearing related disability. 

As an accomplished magician, Mr. Chessar has participated in and won a major national speaking competition … the Kin Canada National Public Speaking Award. Mr. Chessar is also the recipient of the City of Peterborough Cultural Award of Merit.

Melding both his abilities as an entertainer and a facilitator, Mr. Chessar can pull the magic out of the room so that we may all learn the lessons that we each face every day. This is done in a safe and open environment, which allows our attendees to dig deep and discover the actions that have been holding them back. Through group collaboration we can identify the ways we may all face our fears and build confidence. The outcome is that attendees will have built their confidence by learning a skill they never knew they had. This is done through a supportive manner creating the opportunity for attendees to take that first step in achieving their goal.

Mr. Chessar's melding of his compelling personal journey with his entertaining use of sleight of hand and manipulation during his address captivates audiences and brings them to their feet in recognition of both his personal journey and his outstanding delivery and skill.


“I would recommend Mr. Chessar as an excellent speaker. I do not think that his skills are limited to one topic or area, rather, I feel that his story and his speaking skills have broad application and are accessible to many audiences.”

Tim Fletcher, PhD
School of Human Kinetics and Recreation
Memorial University of Newfoundland