Keynote speaker, Jason Chessar shared his story with everyone. His speech was focused on his own fears and insecurities while growing up with a hearing impairment and how he used magic to help deal with his insecurities with people and speaking in public.  “He did an amazing job in showing people not to be scared, go after your dreams, to dig deep.  We know he inspired many people at our event  and sure it will make someone become motivated to do as he has done. ” (quote from one attendee).

Community Living Annual Conference Committee



Jason Chessar did a wonderful job as a presenter in HKR3340, Adapted Physical Activity, a class that I teach at Memorial University of Newfoundland. I invited Mr. Chessar to speak after being told of his outstanding background and accomplishments as a public speaker and also because I learned he had grown up with a disability. In the class I teach, a main focus is to concentrate on the abilities of people(rather than their disability), but also to understand the potential barriers that people living with disabilities may face. Mr Chessar spoke intimitley and passionately about his experiences, and allowed us to gain insight into how he overcame many barriers that may have prevented him from living his life to its fullest extent. It was clear that he is living life to its fullest now. 

I would recommend Mr. Chessar as an excellent speaker. I do not think that his skills are limited to one topic or area, rather, I feel that his story and his speaking skills have broad application and are accessible to many audiences. I certainly learned a lot from listening to Mr. Chessar and I am sure that many others will also learn from him (as well as thoroughly enjoy his magic!)

Tim Fletcher, PhD
School of Human Kinetics and Recreation
Memorial University of Newfoundland



It is my pleasure to provide this letter of endorsement for a event presented by Jason Chessar November 3, 2011 at Fleming College. I would like to personally thank Jason for his ability to enguage and motivate our students in this event. He was able to achieve excellent results in strengthening student participation. His speech of overcoming some personal chalanges was an inspiration to those who attended. I feel quite comfortable in recommending Jason’s talent and would encourage others to experience his specialty


Kathy Dawson
Student Life, Fleming College
Peterborough, On